Urinary Biomarkers in Kidney Disease

Development of the Technology to Use Urine as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Marker for Kidney Diseases.

Study overview

Can new urine tests help predict the outcome of kidney diseases? Can these noninvasive tests make it easier and safer to monitor treatment? This study is looking for answers.

Research done at the University of Michigan shows that special cells called podocytes in the kidney filtering system can become damaged and released into the urine. Damage to these cells can lead to many forms of kidney failure. A new urine test measures the amount of podocyte products and other kidney injury markers in the urine. We want to find out whether the new test will provide useful information to doctors that will help with diagnosing and treating kidney diseases.

how to learn more

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Chrysta Meadowbrooke
Phone: (734) 232-5401
Email: umkidneystudies@umich.edu