The Genetic Contribution to Drug Induced Renal Injury:

The Drug Induced Renal Injury Consortium

Study Overview

The goal of the drug induced renal injury consortium (DIRECT) is to determine if a genetic predisposition exists for the development of drug induced renal injury (DIRI).

Eligibility Criteria

You can participate in this study if you:
(1) Are age 2 to 25 years
(2) Have had exposure to a candidate drug for at least 24 hours (Contact study coordinator for list of candidate drugs)
(3) Have developed DIRI

You cannot participate in this study if you:
(1) Have had a kidney transplant
(2) Have had a bone marrow transplant
(3) Have a diagnosis of CKD stage 5 (eGFR < 15 mL/min/1.73m2)
(4) Are on 3 or more candidate drugs
(5) Have no history or time course on drug exposure

How to Get Involved

For more information about this study, please contact:

Hailey Desmond, MS, CCRP
Phone: (734) 232-4851