Kidney Research Studies at UM

Every day researchers at U of M are exploring new ideas to prevent, treat, or cure disease and improve our ability to live longer, healthier lives. Our nephrologists and research team members are working on several research projects. Some of these projects are enrolling new patients, some are closed to enrollment but still have aptients in follow up, and some have recently been completed. For more information about these studies or to find studies by a particular condition, please see the links at rights.

Studies by Condition
Find information on kidney conditions and the research projects going on at UM to discover more about them and their possible treatments.
Enrolling Studies

These studies are currently looking for volunteers willing to help us improve the health of this and future generations of children affected by kidney disease.
Studies in Follow-Up
Theses studies are no longer accepting new patients, but the patients already enrolled are actively participating.
Completed Studies
After studies are completed, it may take some time before the results are fully analyzed and ready for review. Results from studies at UM are often published in scientific journals. When available we will post a brief summary of the study results and any publication information.