UM Kidney Research

The Pediatric Nephrology Research Group works in several areas of research including laboratory reseach, patient care studies, and healthcare utilization review.

Laboratory Research
Physicians and scientists at the Univeristy of Michigan study models of disease and analyze test samples shared by patients for research. UM has a robust laboratory research program which includes genetic analysis, biomarker assays, and more.
Patient Care Studies
Our physicians, nurse Practitioners and study coordinators have a wide range of experience including clinical trials, cohort studies, biobanking, and surveys. The Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU), a dedicated research unit, the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR), and the Investigational Drug Service (IDS), a research pharmacy, are three of the available resources for UM patient care studies.
Healthcare Utilization Research
National care datasets are used to learn about healthcare trends for children and adults with kidney disease. We often work closely with several groups, including the Kidney & Epidemiology Cost Center (KECC).