Why Participate?

Every day researchers at U of M are exploring new ideas to prevent, treat, or cure disease and improve our ability to live longer, healthier lives. We need research volunteers like you to help us discover ways to improve the health of children and adults with kidney disease.

Our health and the health of our children was made possible by health research volunteers in the past. Just think - diseases that used to be untreatable (like kidney failure) and life-threatening (like nephrotic syndrome) are now treatable. Do we still have have room for improvement? Yes.

You may already have met some research team members during one of your clinic visits. We would like to thank all of our research volunteers for helping to make a difference in health care.

To find out more about the kidney conditions being studied at UM, please see the Kidney Conditions section or the main Studies section of this website. For general information about volunteers, select:

Kidney Conditions
Currently Being Studied at UM
The kidneys are one of the most complex organs in the human body.
There are many conditions that can affect how well your kidneys are working and we are learning more every day.
Meet the team
We are the same doctors, nurses, and
team members you see in clinic
Every member of the UM Kidney Care Team is striving to find solutions to kidney diseases. You can find out more about their interests and projects in this section.
C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Part of the University of Michigan Health System, our new hospital opened in December of 2011. The pediatric nephrology clinic
is located on the 8th floor of Mott Hospital.
resources, education, and research
Please visit this section for more information on patient support groups, kidney disease networks, more education on kidney conditions and research.